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This bird nest of tiny eggs was under the hood of our pickup. I don’t know if it was a wren or some other kind of bird, but we felt so sorry for her that Bobby wouldn’t drive our pickup for about a month.

Bobby checked on it later and it had gotten so hot where he had it parked, that the mother bird had vacated the nest, and in doing so, she lost 7 little birds. I guess she found a place more suitable to start her family. I surely hope so!

This little bird reminded me of Lot, Abraham’s nephew…who pitched his tent toward Sodom? Genesis 13: 12-13. Lot should have left as soon as he arrived there and saw how evil the people were. But Lot stayed faithful to God even though all around him were evil people…and was led out of the city when it was destroyed. Genesis 19

Many people move their families to “Sodom” today without realizing their mistake until it is too late and they are already grownup. Don’t wait until your children are grown…to start putting God first, when you think you will have more time for ‘religion’. Share Him with them now while they are still growing up…you will be so glad you did!


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