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The things we think are so important, are not….

The things we think matter so much, do not!


I looked upon the second page

And there I saw your name…

 I just could not believe it,

And I bowed my head in shame.

For I really meant to visit you

A day or two ago;

 But things just kept on coming up…

 And now the tears are overflowed.

 Yes, I meant to go and see you

 Before the day was spent…

 I wondered why I hadn’t heard

 Before it went to print.

 But I know you will forgive me

 For that’s just the way you are!

 I hope you’re dreaming on a cloud today…

 Or sailing upward on a star!

©  Edna L. Ingram

Note: This was not written in reference to anyone. It just kinda came to me while reading the obituary one day. Poems just have a way of sneaking up on me.  🙂


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