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This morning I was up earlier than usual and as I walked through the living room I saw something…a sunrise so beautiful, I had to grab the camera. As I took several pictures I realized the view of the sun was going to be short lived, because clouds were moving in and it looks like rain.

This reminds me of the promise of a savior when Adam and Eve were in the garden and the first sin was committed. (Cloud) After that promise years later, the earth became so wicked (clouds) that the Son promise was clouded over by man. After the earth was cleansed again, by the flood,the promise (Son-rise)was easily seen again.

We can block out the Son-rise for someone and cause clouds in their lives by the things we say and do. We need to be careful.

A few years later, God made a nation from Abraham’s descendents and the Son was shining again in the prophets’ writings. However through God’s nation’s forgetting Him, the clouds came back big time!

After that, in the fullness of time…during the Roman Empire, He founded His church on the Rock, His Son, Jesus. The church grew and multiplied and spread the good news throughout the land. The Son was shining again…but alas! the clouds came back (Have you noticed that man is responsible for these “clouds”?) and the Christians were persecuted on every hand, but the church is founded on the Rock and will not be moved and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it…according to Matthew 16: 18.

And then we have today……and the ‘clouds’ are everywhere. But we read the last chapter of the Bible…Revelation 22…and CHRISTIANS  WIN!

©Edna Ingram,  September 3, 2009


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