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Wow! Nothing worse than car trouble when you’re on your way to the Grand Canyon.  :))   Well not really, but there is a story that COULD be connected to this car!  We just had to take Bobby’s picture by this old car.  We were in Arizona traveling and Wendell and Kathy were with us.  As soon as we spied this old car, Bobby had to get out and look it over…Wendell too.

Along about 1940, Bobby’s dad sold a car to a guy and he never did pay for it. He skipped the country and went to California without paying his dad a dime.  They put a trace on the car with the sheriff, and they found it in the desert in Arizona, stripped down.  So this could be the car.  lol 

Not to worry though.  The guy had land leased and there was hay on it and Bobby’s dad was allowed to bale the hay and sell it…so he probably got enough for the car.

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