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Do you feel a little tinge of guilt when you get a ‘religious’ forward and it says “If you love God, send to 10 people” or “If you are not ashamed of Jesus, forward this on” and you choose to not forward it?

We should not feel guilty. I used to…or I probably would not be writing this! (smile) Most generally I have noticed that although there is some good in the message, there is also a paragraph or two of false teaching. 

If I read it and don’t feel good about forwarding it, I don’t feel guilty about deleting it.  What they say and whether I send it on or delete it, is no deciding factor of whether I love Jesus or not. 

Jesus gave us ways to show our love for Him and forwarding an email is not one of them, do you think?  It is so easy to click that forward button but really loving Jesus and obeying Him is not that easy and is not that quickly done.


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