Memory Of A Stormy Day.

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Getting our cellar put in today reminds me of a pretty neat day when it was so stormy and as Bobby went to the school to drive the bus, I went too…to pick up our three little grandchildren. They were just a couple of years older than in this picture.  When they got in the car, I told them we were going to the cellar but first we were going into the kitchen to get us a Dr Pepper!!! We did and then went down into the cellar…with about 8 inches of water in it. They thought we were having a party. LOL The Dr Pepper may not have been a good idea…Daniel had to use the bathroom about 4 times during the 30 minutes we were in there. I told him to just wade over in the corner and wee-wee in the water that was already in there.

We could hear the commotion of the storm and when it died down we went back into the house. That storm was the one with a tornado in it and blew away four houses north of town.

Bobby always went to the school about 30 minutes early and the storm that day was pretty close and even with all the warnings, they were going to send the buses on out. I guess they were not thinking….Bobby told them they’d better keep the kids at the school bldg for a while. It is built to be storm resistant and they took his advice and put the kids in the big hall. It just happened that one of the bus drivers is one that had his house blown down. His wife was there alone and she got in the bathroom (bathtub) with a mattress pulled over her and she survived. That is what the school was going to send those buses out into. Three more houses out that direction were destroyed.

 Another strange thing happened. One of the trailer houses that was left standing…the wind swooped a comforter off a bed and out the window and picked up their dog out in the yard, in it and it landed it up in a tree. Someone stopped and checked it out…thinking it was a person in the tree and it was the dog…but it was ok.

Someone also said that a tornado went down main street but didn’t touch down to the ground. Angela, Tiffany and Daniel still talk about that day and I think it was a happy memory for them. It sorta was for me too. I hope this cellar is not one that leaks and holds water! 🙂

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