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This morning I was walking on our new treadmill and the front dash of it is so much like a computer…these thoughts came to me:

Sometimes when I see a good example or if I read something about Jesus that I want to be like  (which is everything about Jesus)  I just want to hit the “copy and paste” buttons and be like that immediately.

Sometimes when I do something on the spur of the moment that I am not proud of….I just want to hit the  “clear” button or the “delete” button and remove it completely. 

Sometimes when I want to know something in the Bible or find something that I know is in there…I want to hit the “search” button and find it fast.

Sometimes when no one is around and I need someone (like the time I had locked myself out of the house and had to crawl into the house through the tiny bathroom window) I want to hit the “help” button.

Sometimes when I want to remember what has transpired over the last few days….I want to press the “view” button and see and remember it all at once.

And sometimes….more and more lately, I want to just press the “refresh” button. lol

But you know, we can have most of these in our lives. I say ‘most’ because maybe we can’t remember everything that has happened.

We can be refreshed every morning at the start of a new day.

We can have help from God, from our friends and from the church members.

We can search the Bible for what we want to know…It just takes a little longer perhaps.


We can hit the clear button…by repenting and getting forgiveness.  The sins of faithful Christians are taken away as far as the east is from the west.  (Psalm 103:12)  (That is a long ways.)   If we don’t repent though it really isn’t deleted at all…it’s still right in there on God’s  “hard-drive'”even though we might have forgotten it and don’t think about it anymore. 


Note: If someone has already written on these ‘buttons’ with thoughts like this, I have not seen them…and I apologize for this.



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