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Remember how the flocks of geese fly when they are going south? One is in the lead so it will be able to cut the current to make it easier for the ones behind  and then a few more are right behind before the line gets longer. This way most of them can just glide and save their energy until the lead goose gets tired and has to be relieved.

This seems to be how we advocate worthy causes in our country.  We get behind a good cause (defeat of abortion and all kinds of evil in the high places in government) and we rally behind our leaders…but we are really not involved. We are just gliding along and fooling ourselves, and the ones out in front and vocal, are really the ones doing the work.

Sometimes our leader falls or rallies to the opposite side and we hardly notice…we are still trying to glide along with the break in the current that has been manufactured by them.

Be it known however, that the current we are fighting against is still out there somewhere and in many cases…is getting the upper hand.  We need to write those letters to our senators and representatives in congress… and do all we can to let the voices of the silent majority be heard.





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