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The liberal view of the enhanced interrogation just absolutely baffles me. It was explained to them, that it did not meet the definition of torture, but they still cling to the idea that it is torture.

It was also explained that there was a doctor in the room to make sure the terrorists (that’s the ones who want to destroy us, folks!) are not in any imminent danger. There’s a doctor in the room!

There’s also a doctor in the room when a little baby is sucked from its mother’s womb in several pieces…but they don’t care about the little innocent ones…yet they worry that a very bad person is going to be made uncomfortable! How can this be?

You just can’t destroy the sanctity of life in our country and it be the same ever again. There are many other things that can come to pass in a country that is going down! How long will God have patience with a country that destroys its young? 


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