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I started reading a long story in Reader’s Digest Condensed Books…an old volume that we had for years, but I just hadn’t gotten around to reading that particular story. I read it in 3 nights. It was such an interesting story that it was hard to put it down. The third night when I was going to finish reading it…I was super excited about how it was going to end…since the whole story through…was such a ‘page turner’!  Well, the ending was a huge disappointment. It seemed like the whole reading session was a complete waste of time.

 You know, when I compare that story to this life on earth…there is a huge difference. The Christian life is wonderful and exciting and full of wonderful counsel from God’s Word and from fellow Christians. The love and fellowship is almost like heaven itself. Christianity is so influential that even the goodness and morality of non-Christians,  have that goodness, only because of the influence of Jesus in the world.

 When I think of the ending of THIS story of Christianity though, there will be no disappointments in the finality of the faithful Christian life. It will be as good as we have been expecting…and then some.  I read the last chapter of the Bible and…we win!!


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