Would You Do This For An Enemy?

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During World War II in Europe, one day the medics had brought the wounded in from the front lines to the field hospital. One man was so severely wounded they thought he wasn’t going to make it…so they just let him lie there while they tended to the others.One of the German prisoners of war, the American camp was holding, was helping bring in the gurneys with the wounded men on them. He told the American soldiers that he thought he could help that man. They asked the severely injured man if it would be okay and he was conscious enough to say, “Yeah! Let’s get on with it!”

He lived to relate this story of his near death, and lived until his middle 60’s. This story was related by him to Bobby’s brother. The German prisoner of war reminds me of the Hippocratic oath that doctors have to make and shows how much has changed in our modern times. The modern version of the Hippocratic oath is still very virtuous but is being disparaged in some areas today, especially in the area of deaths of little babies, yet unborn.

 It also reminds me of how Jesus did even more for His enemies….while we were still His enemies.  Grace = Unmerited Favor  (Unearned Favor).

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