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A little boy in my Bible class came into class one Sunday morning and told me that the church’s sign on the highway was loose on one side. He said I might want to let Bobby know so it could be fixed.

He also laughed and said that his dad told him we should leave it like that, because it was more attention-getting and more people would see it than if it were hanging straight. He was right!

There are two points of interest here. One is that if our Christian influence is not hanging straight…it will be more noticed than ten Christians whose influence is good.

The sign eventually did fall and it was taken to the building, and was repaired and re-hung. 

Another point of interest is: If we let our influence hang crooked and don’t try to do something about it…we will fall! (If we haven’t already.)

Sometimes Christians need to be repaired and rehung. ( poetic license )

A sign is of no consequence…but in the Christian life, our influence is very important.


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