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Where we went to highschool in the 50’s school turned out in the fall for cotton harvest, because many families went to help support their families.  We had 6 weeks of summer school to make up for the 6 weeks that people went to pull cotton.  We were one of the many families who did that.

I went 6 weeks in my senior year in the summer of 1955 and then to Hinton, OK to pull cotton.  We came back when school started and I went one week.  The reason:  My Dad was going back to Hinton to work.  I couldn’t stand the thought of him going and working so hard all day …and then having to cook for himself at the end of the day.  He was a super dad because he raised us three kids single-handed after our mother died (except for some great help from his mother at times.)  He was a great mother/father figure and I just couldn’t stand not helping him out.  He wanted me to finish school so badly, but he told me to make up my own mind about it.  I would have been staying with my grandmother and going to school, which would have been great.  

 I had planned on going to school in Hinton but when we got there, I decided against it.  Bobby and his family had gone back home too…but he and his dad and a couple of the grown kids had also come back to Hinton.  

I knew he was there, but he didn’t know where we had moved.   We had moved to a big house out in the county. It had a large picture window in front.  When we started to go to the cotton field on Tuesday morning, I told my dad I was going to hang my ‘squaw dress’ in the picture window…and if Bobby came by on that road, he’d know where we lived.  The dress was bright green and red with beige in it.  Sure enough he did drive by and sure enough he saw the dress…and he came over that night. 

The dress I’m wearing in the picture above is the one I hung in the window.   (the girl on the right at the bottom is me.)  I’m the only one of us who isn’t smiling.  I think that was the morning of the day I checked my books in and left.  Was a sad day because I had mixed emotions, because it was a big decision for a 17 year old. But…I would do the same thing all over again…for my Daddy!

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