Our Missions in this Life

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 Musing on Missions

 At different times in our lives we have different missions. It took me a while to realize this.

When our children were young I got really depressed because I felt like I wasn’t accomplishing very much in the Lord’s work, besides raising them. One day I was more depressed about it than usual as I was lying in bed before I got up that morning. I prayed that I would find something else in addition to raising my children and teaching a children’s Bible class at church.

My husband had already gone to the shop and the kids were still asleep. When I got up and got dressed, immediately there was a knock on the door.

I answered it and it was a man who was hitch hiking and he had ripped the pair of pants he was wearing and he asked me if I had a pair he could have. I told him to wait just a minute and I hurried back into our bedroom and got him a good pair of my husband’s. He was really grateful and I noticed his shoes. They were quite worn, so I asked him if he could use a pair of shoes. He said yes, and I gave him my husband’s good pair of walking shoes. He still kids me to this day about giving away his good shoes. (grin)

As he was leaving, I was still standing at the door when something to my left caught my eye…and there was a little girl in the next block intersection, having trouble with her bicycle. The chain had come off. She was having to push it and was almost too little to do that. I went down and put her chain back on and she rode her bike on home. But walking back to the house, I was just amazed that those two things happened immediately after I had prayed.

These were no miracles as some people would say…but these two things happening so close together, and the timing of them, I realized that God wanted me to know that we don’t need something great to do. We just need to be ready when the time comes to help and that the greatest thing I could do at that point in time…I was already doing it: Raising my children up to follow Christ! A big full-time job in itself.

Well, there have been many missions since that day. Not all of them came at the same time, but at different stages in our lives. When my dear mother in law was not able to stay by herself any more, three of us took turns staying with her on weekends when the hired help was off. We wanted her to be in her own home as long as possible.

Here again, there were times when I felt that I wasn’t doing all that I needed to be doing in the church. We couldn’t even make every worship service. Bobby and I had to take turns going to church when it was our weekend to stay.

Sometimes we needed a break and it was very stressful thinking we were going to get one and then not getting it. But we decided that at this point in time this was our mission.

Now our missions are different and in the future years they will be different still…but we will keep recognizing them as our mission and hopefully we will be willing and able to carry them through whatever they are.


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