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When my daughter-in-law and I were first planning on getting a computer, we were discussing it one afternoon and talking about what all we could do. We decided we would get on the internet and build a web site and offer Bible class materials and ideas and have a market for our wares.We had been preparing our own Bible class material for a while.

Oh! We got so excited and the ideas just kept coming to our minds. We got our computers a few months apart but I got on the internet a few months before she did. As soon as all three of her children were in school, she started working there as a librarian.

The superintendent convinced her that she should go get the education hours she needed, to become certified as a teacher. She checked it out and she only needed 12 hours. (She already had a degree in business administration) so she earned the 12 hours really fast and became….a computer lab teacher. (She’s a fast learner)

Well she was so busy we had to put our enterprize on a back burner (that is where it still is!) But we had gotten so excited that we had already made up our business cards and oh! they were so neat. It said Ingram & Ingram Enterprises at the top and it had a row of neat colorful books under that and then what we planned to offer: Bible Time Lines, Puzzles, flip charts, Work sheets, etc.

Well in large letters at the bottom it should say: Fallen By The Wayside! Because neither of us have the time for it even yet.

You probably know where I am going with this! Some people become Christians and are so excited to be a part of something so wonderful, and live the Christian life for a number of months or even years, and then the idea of ‘eternity’ doesn’t seem real to them somehow.

They fall away for different reasons: Some can not stand the persecution that seems to befall those who are trying to put God first in their lives. Some fall away because of the cares of the world. Some are searching for riches and/o moe of this world’s goods.  The Bible says some of them have shallow roots and they rise up quickly and then fall away.

When you speak to them about their spiritual life they all intend to come back some day. There is seldom one who intends to never come back. We hope and pray that they will before it is too late!

Our plans for our “business” crashing is of no real consequence, although we would have enjoyed it… but falling away from God…or never obeying Him in the first place is a very serious matter.


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