Day: April 29, 2011


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I looked upon the second page

And there I saw your name;

I just could not believe it and

I hung my head in shame.

 For I meant to go and see you

A day or two ago…

But things just kept coming up

And now the tears are over-flowed.

 Yes, I mean to go and see you

Before the day was spent;

I wondered why I hadn’t heard

Before it went to print.

 But I know that you’ll forgive me

For that’s just the way you are!

I hope you’re dreaming on a cloud today

Or soaring upward on a star!

 © Edna L. Ingram, August 2010



Headlines we’d like to see in the next two years.

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Internet is cleaned up as pornography loses its popularity! Drug dealers are seeking honest occupations as more and more people are getting off drugs.USA becomes independent from foreign oil…opens up massive drilling  and refining.Elected officials turn down salary increases for themselves and pledge instead to donate it to the poor!Crime plummets as nation returns to respect for God and the Bible.