Acknowledge your children when they come into your presence.

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Our nest has been empty now for over 25 years and we now have two little pets. A sweet little “stray no more dog” that we named Gabby and a sweet little socialite cockatiel that we named “Baby Bird.” 

Our dog is an outside dog (we don’t like cats or dogs in the house)  but she is spoiled, nevertheless.  Our bird is hopelessly spoiled, but when we have pets we believe we should love and care for them. 

When we come into their vicinity we acknowledge them.  When our mind is on something else at the moment and we fail to acknowledge them, they let us know about it.  Baby Bird will chirp in a ‘questioning way’ and then we answer him.

This article is not about pets though.  It is about our children.  Many little children do not get any acknowledgement from their parents.  They are simple ignored.  I have seen some ignored even when they have  resorted to being obnoxious with their parents.  This is sad.  Children need attention.  They crave attention.  Actually that is really all they are wanting. 

The really sad thing is when they grow up, they still show signs of not getting enough attention when they were of a tender age.  Every time  a child comes into the presence of their parent/parents, they need to be acknowledged.  They should not have to speak or do anything before their presence is acknowledged.  This will make them feel the importance they need to feel. 

What a great family  and a great family life you will have, if you will acknowledge your children and give them the attention they crave.   God bless you as you strive to bring them up.


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