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 Christian Love
I had no time to meditate

When my babes were small;

So I could write no poems back then,

No, I wrote none at all.

But now my children are all grown;

And God has placed with me,

A lot of time upon my hands

That I should not let flee.

And God has placed within His Book

Words to let us know…

The Christian woman has a place

For all her love to grow.

It grows up in her children

And spreads through out her home;

It goes with them when they grow up

Where ever they may roam.

It spreads through out her neighborhood

And even through the town;

Her love can help lift up the ones

Who feel so trodden down.

It’s true our children need us most

When they are still at home;

But other people need us too,

When they are grown and gone.

So Christian women, let’s unite

And do the best we can…

Where ever we happen to find ourselves

On foreign or native land.

©Edna L. Ingram -Christian Woman Magazine, 8/79 



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