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Annie on left, her brother Wesley Angel and his wife, Grace


Annie: One of the beautiful people. What can I say…that your life has not already conveyed to others? I can only remind us of it. A mother, sister, grandmother, aunt,mother-in-law, friend, Christian sister and confidant. (I could tell you anything and feel that it was safe. Now it would be doubly safe because of our lack of memory.) (Smile)

You and your wonderful mate, Grady, have succored many since I have known you…and I have heard many years before that, but I’ll just cover what I have observed.

I have observed you as a mother-in-law always willing to help, being there with advice when you were asked for it, but never trying to interfere in the lives of your children.

You took many into your home in their “low” times…many of your grandchildren, sometimes with, sometimes without their parents…whatever the circumstances warranted and sent them to school many months at a time.

A new baby due in the family…illnesses, accidents…if you were needed…you packed your bags, left your own home and the obligations there, and were off to help.  Bobby and I were also the recipient of this kind of love.  Thank you!  It would have been so much harder without you!

I remember you postponing having surgery for years that you needed so desperately, because Grady was so scared for you to have it. He was so afraid he would lose you. No one wanted to tell you his fears, so you probably did not know until now why he gave you such a hard time about it.

You had the patience of Job, to your own detriment at times. You gave up things for yourself to supply what others needed. You gave your energy and strength when you had little left, but it probably did not surface in your mind as sacrifice, because you were in your domain, doing what you loved to do for the ones you loved so much!

I know that many of your children and grandchildren are aware of this and appreciate you so very much! Your interest in and love for Grady’s people reminds us of a great woman in the Bible who had these qualities. Your real name isn’t by chance…Ruth…Is it?

Thank you, Annie! For being such a good role model for the rest of us! Love you forever!




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