Day: April 12, 2011


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Bobby cut down this old tree and the trunk was so huge (and kind of attractive) that we just left it hoping that it would deteriorate on its own in a few months. Well, it has been about 3 years and we were needing a place to feed the birds, so I thought the top of that old trunk would be a good smooth place to put their bird seed, since the cats were giving them problems.

I took some birdseed out to spread it around for them and the old trunk IS deteriorating to the point of no smooth places on top. It will eventually tumble to the ground…because cutting the tree down sucked the life out of the trunk.

  You know, we can damage our homes the same way. No, not the building we live in…but the people we live WITH…that’s our home. We can suck the life out of our homes by neglect.

We may not see the damage we have done until there are no smooth places left and the damage cannot be corrected. Sometimes trying to correct only results in more damage. There are many homes in America today where that has surely happened AND also why our nation is in the shape it is in.

This old trunk looks like it might have been at least three little trees at one time…growing up and not knowing which way to turn. Some families are like that. The way to turn is toward God, the one who instituted families in the first place.

The old adage, “As goes the home so goes the nation” is certainly proven to be true in our country. We need so badly, to wake up and start training our young families. 

©Edna L. Ingram


Being Old Fashioned?

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If being old-fashioned is loving you

     And wanting others to love you too…

If being old-fashioned is wanting you

    To be pretty and lovely your whole life thru…

If being old-fashioned is praying for you

    That a lifetime of happiness will ensue…

If being old-fashioned is asking of you

    Clean body and soul in all that you do…

If being old-fashioned is demanding of you

    Obedience and honor that parents are due…

If being old-fashioned is wanting to

    Trade places with you when you’re sick or blue…

If being old-fashioned is granting you

    The privilege of learning and teaching too…

Then being old-fashioned, I’ll give you a clue

    Is just the way we would like to raise you!

-Author Unknown