God’s Providence

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Our church building has no windows. and when the lights go out in a storm, our classroom area is extremely dark, in fact the whole building is so dark you can’t see your hand right in front of your eyes. One very stormy Sunday morning several years ago, the lights went out after our Bible lesson for the rest of the class time,  I was planning on just talking to the class until they came back on.
Ed, the teacher in the highschool class just opened their door to the outside and it made enough light. He came and invited us to come in and finish our class in there. It is our fellowship room and there were several tables.

It just happened that after our short Bible story I had decided to have my 5th-6th graders to look up all the words in Psalm 119, meaning the same as God’s law (i.e. precepts, commandments,decrees, statutes, etc.,) and count the times in that they appear in that long chapter. I thought it would be imbedded in their minds how important they were. That’s what we were doing when the bolt of lightning took our lighting out.  I don’t think it was just a co-incidence that I thought of doing that on that particular morning.

The other class was having a discussion and it didn’t bother us, but I think we would have bothered them. As it happened we were all busy looking up the words and the only time we had to talk was when one of the students wondered about whether a word meant law or commandments. It worked out really well.  Yes, God’s providence was in play that day.  God’s providence works in small ways too.  And I am THANKFUL!

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