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When Angela, Tiffany and Daniel were young, we used to go get them occasionally and take them to Wintersmith park in the college town about 20 miles away. It was a wonderful park (and still is) where they had monkeys and deer and burros and where the ducks and geese ran wild and you could feed them all.
Well, since it was 20 miles and took a little while to get there, I sat in the back of the van with them and we played games to make the trip more pleasurable.
One day I was asking them Bible questions. The oldest one, Angela, (age 5) was answering most of them and the middle one, Tiffany, (age 3) didn’t know very many of them of course. The baby, Daniel was only about 2 and of course, he was too young to get involved much in answering them, but he enjoyed it anyway.
I could see that Tiffany was getting pretty frustrated at herself not knowing the answers. Finally she put all that frustration into words and said: “I wish I’d brought my Bible!!!”.
 (She couldn’t even read yet. (smile) But she knew where the answers were! They are all grown now and thanks to Wendell and Kathy,  all three of them still “know where the answers are!” 🙂 There are two sets of grandparents who are very proud of them

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