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When our daughter, Cara Lynn was diagnosed with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension in April of 1990, and we were all informed what this meant, we all knew her life was probably going to be drastically shortened, there were still some heartwarming memories that came with it. Cara Lynn had a happy, fulfilling and wonderful life in her short 32 years.

Wendell’s three children were about 3, 4, and 6 years old and Wendell had them taking turns praying before their meals so they could learn to pray. They always prayed that Aunt Ke-Ke would get well.  On Tuesday night about 11:00 pm, October 2, of 1990, we had the sad duty of calling Wendell and telling him that Cara Lynn had passed away. They had just gone home from Borger that day, from visiting her in the hospial…a 7 hour trip and had to get back into the van the next day and head that way again.

At breakfast that Wednesday morning though, it was Angela’s (age 6)  turn to pray. She ended her prayer by saying: “…and thank you God, for making Aunt Ke-Ke well.”

Children, in their wisdom can be so much comfort. Many times they have such wise things to say…they must have a direct link to God. 🙂


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