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He was about four years old and he grinned at me as he peeked around the rows of shirts hanging in the department store. I grinned back at him and he would go over to another position and part the things hanging there and grin again.

Much time went by and I was wondering where his mother was. I couldn’t see anyone around that should be responsible for him and eventually I became worried.

After a few more minutes, I became more worried and knowing what can happen to little children, I discreetly moved along with him, pretending to shop. Anyone wanting to kidnap a little child would have had a perfect opportunity to do so. He didn’t seem the least bit afraid of strangers. He seemed perfectly happy and contented to keep me entertained. I didn’t know how long I could keep this up, before I would need to report it to the management.

The little boy was evidently lost,but he didn’t even realize it. I could go on and on about parental responsibility…but that’s not my purpose here.

Finally a woman came and called his name and he ran over to her, grinning from ear to ear and waving goodbye to me.

And I thought….. There are so many people in the world who are lost spiritually and just like that precious little boy, they are not even aware of it…living every day as though there is always a tomorrow, because there has always been.  It’s amazing that they can go to bed at night and sleep, not knowing what will be their destination eternally should they not wake up in the morning.

They don’t read the Bible and learn that there is a way to be redeemed. The Bible convicts us of sin and then offers a way of escape. The book of Acts is a history of the Lord’s church…and it is not a ‘man made’ church as many are today. Its beginning is in Acts, (Acts Chapter 2) and it tells of the responses from the people when they heard the apostles’ preaching.

The rest of the book of Acts is about the church growing and becoming mature. The books of the Bible after Acts is more history of the people who became Christians and some instructions for the church itself.

May we all come to realize that we are lost unless we respond to the One Who created us and wants us all to be redeemed unto Him. He wanted us redeemed so badly that He gave up something very, very, precious to Him in order that justice and mercy might meet together.


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