Parents, it’s your responsibility: By Wendell Ingram

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Listening to the news a few weeks ago, I heard a report on studies that have been done showing the adverse effects advertising is having on the children of our nation. One example that was given was the advertising that is directed at children by McDonald’s Restaurants. So powerful are these ad campaigns that kids were given the identical products, one in a McDonald’s wrapper and one in a generic wrapper, and the vast majority of kids liked the one in the McDonald’s wrapper the best. Even products such as carrot sticks, when wrapped in a McDonald’s wrapper, were preferred by most children over the identical carrot sticks without the wrapper.

The report went on to discuss the rising number of obese children in our society and laid the blame on companies like McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants which are marketing and selling high fat content foods to our children. The report included interviews of psychologists and concerned parents who were calling for laws to force companies to be more “responsible” in their marketing to our children.

This is becoming the norm in our society…parents looking for someone to blame for the problems with their children. In the case of our obese children, McDonald’s does not force our children to buy their products, nor does McDonald’s give their food away…they sell it. Most children do not buy their own food, their parents buy the McDonald’s food for them, and so…who is relly responsible for the consumption of the millions of McDonald’s burgers and fries by our children? PARENTS! McDonald’s has not become a multi-billion dollar company by selling health food like carrot sticks and apple slices; they are famous for their greasy burgers and fries. If parents don’t want their children eating all that grease, the solution is simple…do not buy it for them.

When our children don’t do well in school, we want to blame the teachers or the education system. When our children don’t do well in sports, we want to blame their coaches. When our children become violent, we want to blame the TV programming and video games. When our children get in trouble with the law, we want to blame the police officers or the court system. When our children lose interest in the church, we want to blame the Bible class teacher, the preacher or the youth minister. It is not McDonald’s, but parents that are given the responsibility of properly feeding children.  Timothy 5:8. It is not school teachers, but parents that are given the responsibility for making sure children are properly educated. Deuteronomy 6: 4-9. It is not police officers, but parents that are given the responsibility for disciplining children. Proverbs 13:24. It is not preachers or youth ministers, but parents that are given the responsibility for the spiritual training of children. Ephesians 6:4.

As parents, we need to understand that our children are our responsibility and they will be what we raise them to be! Proverbs 22:6. We as parents, need to quit playing the blame game and get serious about doing our job of parenting. If we fail to do so, there is really no one to blame but ourselves!  -Wendell Ingram





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