Beauty in a smile

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Where we lived and worshipped when our kids were the ages in the above picture, there was a sweet lady who taught Bible class. She was not a pretty lady in looks…in fact she would be considered rather homely. I will call her Mona in this writing. One day our nephew’s mother asked him who taught their class. He said, “We had that pretty teacher today!” He sounded so upbeat and happy and she was trying to figure out which lady it was. That’s all he said, that they had the pretty lady.

His mother later found out it was Mona who had taught the class that day! She had a smile that lit up her whole face and she was almost always smiling. Wow! Kids find beauty in places adults could never find it sometimes. Should tell us something, shouldn’t it? We can learn a lot from little ones if we keep our mind and ears open.

Another note: Our oldest and first grandchild was in Bible class at the age of 4 days. Her first words were not Ma-Ma or Da-Da! Her first words were “God did!” The teacher would ask the little bitty babies, “Who made the sun? moon, earth, stars, etc…” and then give the answer “God did!” Yes, they can be trained at an early age!

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