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When our children were small and we would be traveling, my husband and I would talk about our precious cargo lying asleep in the back seat. It surely made us more aware of how careful we should be in our driving, because of those precious lives in our care.

How much more important are the souls of these little ones! These little ones that are born to us and that we rear up are going to spend eternity somewhere. Young mothers and fathers, you only have one opportunity to bring your children up in God’s favor. Don’t blow it! You can not re-do it after you see that you have failed. You may be able to salvage some things later on and you should never stop trying to, but you can not un-do from the beginning and start over. Save yourself a lot of grief later on.

Your children are the most important possessions you will ever have control of and they need to be guarded wisely, loved abundantly and completely trained by the Word of God while they are growing up. This can not be done by a baby sitter or by a child care center. This is done by parents and parental influence and it must be done early. ( Deuteronomy 6: 4-6).

It is ironic how the specialness of family togetherness works. If it is special because of the rarity of the times you are together as a family unit, then it will not have the end result you had hoped for. Family togetherness needs to be so often and so commonplace that nothing special is noted at the time. It is later on when it all unfolds and it is this kind of family where appreciation abounds from your children when they have grown up and fond memories will linger with them throughout their lifetime.

Don’t let opportunities pass. We all make mistakes when our children are growing up. No parent is perfect, but God knows this and still gives the command to “train them in the way they should go…” Proverbs 22:6.

If you will pray for wisdom and pray that you will raise them up to be pleasing to God, then He will cause your mistakes to become “stepping stones” instead of “stumbling stones”. Pray for wisdom and show your children an example of faithfulness in all things. Consider each day a new beginning to teach and train them in God’s Way. -Edna L. Ingram

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