Day: March 11, 2011


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When our children were small and we would be traveling, my husband and I would talk about our precious cargo lying asleep in the back seat. It surely made us more aware of how careful we should be in our driving, because of those precious lives in our care.

How much more important are the souls of these little ones! These little ones that are born to us and that we rear up are going to spend eternity somewhere. Young mothers and fathers, you only have one opportunity to bring your children up in God’s favor. Don’t blow it! You can not re-do it after you see that you have failed. You may be able to salvage some things later on and you should never stop trying to, but you can not un-do from the beginning and start over. Save yourself a lot of grief later on.

Your children are the most important possessions you will ever have control of and they need to be guarded wisely, loved abundantly and completely trained by the Word of God while they are growing up. This can not be done by a baby sitter or by a child care center. This is done by parents and parental influence and it must be done early. ( Deuteronomy 6: 4-6).

It is ironic how the specialness of family togetherness works. If it is special because of the rarity of the times you are together as a family unit, then it will not have the end result you had hoped for. Family togetherness needs to be so often and so commonplace that nothing special is noted at the time. It is later on when it all unfolds and it is this kind of family where appreciation abounds from your children when they have grown up and fond memories will linger with them throughout their lifetime.

Don’t let opportunities pass. We all make mistakes when our children are growing up. No parent is perfect, but God knows this and still gives the command to “train them in the way they should go…” Proverbs 22:6.

If you will pray for wisdom and pray that you will raise them up to be pleasing to God, then He will cause your mistakes to become “stepping stones” instead of “stumbling stones”. Pray for wisdom and show your children an example of faithfulness in all things. Consider each day a new beginning to teach and train them in God’s Way. -Edna L. Ingram

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Life Connections

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Life Connections

Of all the twists and turns our lives can take, it is amazing to see how our paths from the past, cross…into our future.

When my dad had cancer and was having to take radiation, he had to go to a nursing home supposedly for 6 weeks. We went to visit him the first week and he was so ill at ease and when we left to go home, it just broke my heart to leave him. The second week, he had adjusted and even offered us all a Dr Pepper out of the home’s fridge. It was a little easier to leave him that time but it was still hard.

But that second week, Brother Trent, the preacher at the church where my dad was a member, told them to bring him back home and he and the other members would take turns taking him for treatments every day. It was 60 miles one way, so that was quite a comittment. They brought him home and they did that every day for the remainder of the six weeks. We lived 150 miles away and we are forever grateful for him and those church members. Brother Trent was also with us the day of my dad’s death in August 1978. He died on his birthday on August 15, about 10:00 A.M. Brother Trent made the remark that it would be interesting to know the time of day he was born…73 years earlier…but none of us knew.

I had written an article about my dad in 1977 and it was published in Christian Woman Magazine that year. It honoring him for being a dad to three motherless children… ages 3-8 all by himself after our mother had died. I gave a copy of it to my dad and watched him wipe away the tears as he read it. I am so glad I wrote it in time for him to read it. But one day he told me that he let Brother Trent read it and he didn’t give it back to him. I think Brother Trent thought Daddy had given it to him.  I told Daddy that I had another copy and I’d send it to him. Later we found out why Brother Trent had kept it. They read it at Daddy’s funeral.

A few years ago a church member where our grandson was a member while in junior college, told him that she knew a girl he needed to meet…(her niece) Somehow they got them together…their love blossomed and grew and grew and they set a date….and at the brunch the day before their wedding, I found out she is Brother Trent’s great-granddaughter. It was just an accident really that I learned that. I was talking with her grandmother and she mentioned the name Trent and her dad. I asked her if that were the same Trent that preached at Hinton, Ok in the early 70’s and she said yes, that was her dad.

It was such a joy to find out that little gem of information..and also Daniel finding that little gem of a mate…and Brother Trent would be happy to know that he has many faithful family members today. Brother Trent…like my dad…was one of the kindest, gentlest persons you would ever meet.

Here are Daniel and Shanelle when they were growing up…years before they were to meet…and after they got married. We are so proud of them.



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Sometimes the Christian life takes us down

A lonely road,

A tiresome road

A burdensome road

A painful road.

Sometimes it may be

A cruel road.

But keep in mind…

It isn’t really the road

That is cruel, painful, burdensome,

tiresome and lonely.

So please don’t forsake the road…

Which is also the road to many, many blessings!

And our only path to something  much, much better.

© Edna L. Ingram, 02/21/2011

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